Are You Networking The Right Way?

You have just received an invitation to a small business networking event. You scan the invite list to see who is coming. Hmmm…yep, there’s a few business owners who can become future collaborators, so you RSVP that you are attending.

Wait a minute…what if there was no one there for you to do business with? Would you still attend? Most people only use networking as a tool for meeting people who can benefit them. However, consider taking your networking experience a bit further by gaining a new perspective, or testing a new idea, or even having a new experience.

Networking can add to your net worth and by using it properly it can expand your mind and create a better you. So, the next time you receive an invitation to a small business networking event instead of scanning the list, scan the crowd by being open to meeting new and interesting business owners.  Happy Networking!

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