When people make poor decisions, regardless of their age, they think their lives are over when they have not met those goals they dreamed they would have conquered as a younger individual. However, Linda has a way of reconnecting dreamers to their dreams and audiences leave empowered to do more toward becoming what they have saw themselves to become.

Audiences of all ages love her! Teens, men and women have reentered school to earn their high school diplomas and went on to graduate with undergraduate degrees. Some even report graduating with graduate school degrees. Group sessions include vision boarding or focused entrepreneurial studies.

She has facilitated new business owner classes to help small business owners learn how to improve their business acumen in marketing, sales, business systems, and business structures. Most new entrepreneurs know their products, but have little to no business knowledge. Because of her background in business administration, Linda has been able to link business owners to find valuable resources to help them regain their confidence in becoming successful.

In addition, Linda provides regular business training sessions for new and existing business owners for both BrightBridge Women’s Business Center (a partner of the Small Business Administration) and Launch Chattanooga. If you would like to have her to inspire your audience, send an email detailing the specifics of your group to [email protected] to check her availability.


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