LSMB Business Solutions, LLC Empowered To Be Empowering

Empowered To Be Empowering

Why did I choose this as my business?  Well, actually it chose me.

I can remember young people being drawn to me looking for advice and direction. Even people who could have been my younger siblings would seek me out to get career advice and coaching. It came natural for me to give them guidance and instruction. The Bible says, “your gifts will make a way for you and sit you before important people.” In a way, I guess, that is how I have been able to be in some awesome seats before many wonderful people. It wasn’t that I was so special, but it was because I was created to be a giver, a teacher of people.

I’ve used speeches and story telling to encourage others since the 1990s. First, it was in the church as I gave the Youth Message every third Sunday. Then, I began speaking at various Women’s Day events. Now, it is wherever there is a need for teens, men and women to recognize and use the power that is in their choices.


On February 27, 2016, I had the distinct honor to give a TEDx presentation right behind the dynamic Rock and Roll Hall of Famers The Impressions. Boy, that was some kind of moment. They said they were my opening act, but all I could think about was, after they took us to mountain heights unknown, I better be sure the audience stayed there. I believe I succeeded, based on the feedback I later received. It was a remarkable experience.

The Power of Choice was the topic I provided that day. It was how, no matter where we begin in our lives, the onus is put on us to make the best choices we can once we know better.  I also provide conversations on entrepreneurship, personal development and telling your own story.   My audiences tell me they feel free to tell their own stories after listening to me tell mine.  My goal is to take people higher!