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Deonte Jackson

Nature’s Kitchen Owner

My conversation with Mrs. Bullard was amazing! I left the conversation challenged with more efficient ways to go about my business matters. They call her the business plug for a reason! 5 Stars and 3 thumbs up!

Truth be Told…

The Odds are Stacked Against You

With a huge number of new businesses closing on average in 3-5 years, having the odds stacked against you should give you ever reason not to want to own a business, but you are different.


You know you cannot continue living life, as usual.

  • Your parents are struggling and you feel helpless to help them
  • Your children deserve a better life
  • You know your idea could help others, such as helping women learn financials or teaching young boys how to be good young men
  • You hate your job and know you are capable of more
  • You are tired of being tired and being paid less than you deserve
  • You are working multiple jobs just to barely survive

That dream of ownership is eating at you. Every time you get paid and think about how all your money goes to pay bills. Every time you see others doing things that you should be enjoying in your life. Every time you wake up and go through that same routine of clocking in at a job that drains your soul. You are busy building someone’s dream, but not yours. 

If only you had someone to tell you what to do next. If only you knew how to begin working toward that dream in your heart that circles endlessly in your head.  How can you start living the life that was designed by you instead of one that is being dictated by your bills? Where can you find answers so you don’t become one of those new businesses closing in 3-5 years?  We can help.

Once you begin working on your dream of business ownership, you will learn how to monetize, refine and build that talent or skill you already possess. Learning how to do business well, means…

  • Doing the things you enjoy doing  with the people you love
  • Making your parents’ or children’s lives so much better
  • Empower women or children with financial advice
  • Stop going to a job that makes you sick  
  • Stop taking orders from people, especially when you know more than they do.
  • Helping others find their freedom
  • Becoming a solution where there’s room for improvement in how things are done

You know you should be starting a business, but you are stuck in first gear, with no positive outcome ahead. You know exactly what you could sell, but you have no idea where to begin creating the great business that is in your head.

You are tired of living your life on the bare minimum. You are tired of your entire check goes toward bills.

Your life is a revolving circle of lack. You lack funds, so you lack motivation. You see the pictures and read the comments. Everyone seems to be living their best lives…BUT YOU! We can help you change that!

Who should purchase the Business Leadership Training?

  • Those who want to control their financial situation
  • Those who have talents and skills can be monetized
  • Those who feel a few hundred dollars more a month could make a big difference
  • Those who want to become the leader they are capable of becoming
  • Those who desire to become the example for their families to look up too

In the United States, 50-90% of new businesses close in 3-5 years!We arm businesses with information that helps them to build a strong, sustainable foundation

What You’ll Get from the 

“Building Your Own Business” Series

The Business Leadership Bundle consists of:

  • Business Leadership Training: 90 days of training with a guaranteed Business Plan at the end ($4,000 value)
  • Six months access to all course information ($900 value)
  • Building Your Own Business Facebook Community 
  • 24/7 Online Business or Executive Leadership Private Community Support (priceless)
  • Weekly Mastermind Q&A sessions:  ($1,000 value): Weekly Hot Seat calls to move you forward
  • An autographed copy of “Building Your Own Business: Getting Started 101” ($25 value)
  • “5 Steps To Building Your Own Business” eBook ($20 value)
  • “I’m Plugged In T-Shirt ($25 value)

All for $3,000 ($6,000) 50% off!


If you’re ready to implement and up-level your business idea into your reality, we can help you imagine, deliver, wherever you compete, from development through implementation. Because impact isn’t created alone. Together we can make history. After your purchase, you will receive a Benefits email with a private link to the course and an explanation of all your benefits!

What You’ll Do Before the purchasing the course

Before the purchasing the course, download the free C.O.R.D. checklist at

What Happens During the Course

During the attend all online meeting in the Facebook group and on Zoom, we will spend 30 minutes each week providing specific solutions for as many attendees as possible, helping everyone gain clarity on next steps. 

What Changes After the Course

By applying what you learn, you will know exactly what your next steps are in starting your new business or organizing your existing business.

About Linda Murray Bullard

Her students call her “The Business Plug” because she has helped hundreds of dreamers and new entrepreneurs get firmly connected to their dreams of business ownership. Linda is an award-winning author, who has over 30 years of business knowledge. She helps dreamers and people who are laid off from their jobs find their next BIG thing.  She is results-oriented and only works with those who are ready to put in the work that leads to the lives they live in their heads.

Why They Recommend Buying The Starting Your Business Bundle

The 2-hour online webinar will help you to solidify your business idea using the Building Your Own Business book and other strategies. This session alone will give you everything you need to get your business idea off the ground.

dEE B.

BSC Solutions

Great conversation with Linda. She really is the business plug. She offered 2 suggestions to help me move my new book ENTREPRENEURIAL Elevation forward. Excellent experience. Cheers 

Lee R.

Destination Site Employee

Ms. Linda was very kind and nice with [so] much helpful information that I absolutely had no knowledge of until meeting her. Very thankful for the information she shared with me!

Satari D.

Stop Domestic Violence Advocate/Nonprofit Owner

Linda presented the material in a manner that was easy to follow and understood. She kept the participants engaged. I highly recommend this training for anyone who is wanting to start a business and even for those who are already business owners. Job well done Linda.

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