LSMB Business Solutions, LLC Business Development Strategies

Business Development Strategies


You know your product/service, now what do you need to know about navigating business?


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  1. Laser-focused Target Marketing: How to use pyschographics to identify YOUR paying customers.
  2. Three- or Five-Year Plan Creation: Helping small business owners to create personalized road maps for their businesses so they have a clear plan and clarity in the direction of where they are heading and how they are going to get there.
  3. Business Plan and Business Proposal Creation: Powerful documentation based on who you are pitching to at comparable prices. Our clients have received strong partnerships and investors using our plans.
  4. Branding Strategy Creation: How to ensure your brand gets you out there in the marketplace the way you want in front of who you want.
  5. Sales Strategy Development: Creating sales strategies that helps you to see how meeting sales goals add to bottom lines.
  6. Resources & Referrals: My strong business network connect runs from Maryland to California, from Milwaukee to Houston. I can connect you to powerful resources in your area that to bring your business to the forefront of your industry.

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