Handling Uncertainties of Income Disruption

Street.com cites, “The current shutdown affects approximately 800,000 government employees. Among them, more than 380,000 have been furloughed and another 420,000 continue to work without pay.”

In 2013, I was told my services were no longer needed. I had recently bought a new house (yes, in 2008 during the housing crash), was going through a divorce, and did not have a Plan B. I was mortified! Like many Americans facing the government shutdown, I was one paycheck away from complete homelessness.  It’s Day 25! This shutdown has me reminiscing those days between jobs and needing additional funds.

I had to take time to create another Plan A. When you are going through income disruption, solutions are what you need so here are a few from my time of facing that income disruption.

1.    I reviewed my talents and skills to determine what marketable skills I possessed. I have always had writing skills, so I started writing business plans, professional documents and creating resumes.

2.    I became clear on exactly what my needs were; it is amazing how much I had that I didn’t truly need. I streamlined my life and sold those things I didn’t need nor wanted at that moment. Decluttering allowed me to think.

3.    I only wanted to talk with people who offered solutions. I had no place or time for pity. I needed results so I limited the amount of time I spent with rehashers, complainers and the pity party. If you could give me a lead or a referral to making so money, I had nothing but time for you.

4.    I talked to creditors to work out short term plans so I could spread what money I had out equally. It also gave me more money to work with towards earning more money. I looked-for short-term investments or purchases of items I could resell to make money were available?

Hopefully, this shutdown is a temporary situation and they will be back to working for pay very soon. You never know just how resourceful you are until you have to use them. I also opened my business consulting firm, LSMB Business Solutions, LLC, during that time. I want to help people find secondary and even tertiary incomes, that is why I am also hosting “Vision Boarding For Multiple Streams of Income Goals,” on January 26 in Chattanooga. Having multiple streams of income is absolutely essential in combating income disruptions in these unsettling political times. My hope is for you to find the help you need to get you through. All the best to you.