What Is It That Makes You Keep Going?

What is it that makes you keep going? I get asked that one question most often. Other than the obligation I feel in making a path for my Suns, the only thing I can tell you is it is in my DNA. Something inside of me does not allow me to settle for the status quo in my life. I have been in a room filled with people and felt very alone. I have been in a large room with only one person and feel overcrowded.

Am I different from most people…sometimes. Yet that response really depends on the group of people being referenced. I know what it is like to be extraordinary. However, I’ve been in certain groups and in certain places where I have felt right at home.  In the following paragraphs, I will use what I have learned about being a creative to summarize what I believe are the differences in the self-motivation of the different types of people I have met in my life.

For the people who are similar to me, I will call us the Audacious Type . We have a third eye. We don’t need people to tell us what need to be done, because when we see something needs to be done, we get it done. Something in our bloodstream heats up and we jump to it. No questions asked. It’s an autopilot thing.

So far in my walk, I’ve been able to identify with people who “take the bull by the horns.”  We see a problem and find a solution. We feed off each other and speak the same language. For those who are just beginning their journey, it’s like, “YESSSS…YOU FEEL ME!!” For those who have been on this path for a minute, we literally finish each others’ sentences.

For those who have been on this journey for years, I seek out these people. I call them the Futures. They hold the hidden secrets that I have sought all of my life. In their presence, time has no boundaries and speeds up without ever considering age or space. They are the true gurus who pass the knowledge back to me for they have experiences I’ve yet to conquer. The nuggets they share help us to guide the newcomers forward. They feed us and we feed the ones who come behind us.

When in the presence of these precious, rare jewels, I am not DIFFERENT. My position is student. I am to just be and so are they. I’ve been in a room with hundreds of various ages who were just like us. When we are together, the energy is so high it can be felt as it swirls throughout the space. Information is shared and exchanged. Connections are made and lives are changed. One by one and all at the same time. The energy is so high, it must be equal to the addiction the addicts seek to repeat over and over again. With us, it only occurs when we are in spaces where all of us are the same and allowed to be different!

There are people who would be like us if we would just tell them what to do next. They are the Nexters. These people are always welcomed because around us, their lights shine just as bright. Once lit, their inspiration thrives and survives. Their wicks become the lights for so many others. As we light them, they transform their worlds.

Then, there are the people who need constant coaxing. These are the Absorbers. They aren’t high maintenance, but they need a roommate who is also a life coach needing a case study. They need a little more time and consistency in cuddling. These people can be highly frustrating because you will find yourself not getting anything done, but working on them.

The final group, I will call the Drainers. These people are those that need an extensive amount of support. These people have that hidden desire, but no effort or follow through. They never get started. You can give them the information, the map, and the paper and pencil for notes. At the end of the month, they will still be where you left them. If you spend the morning coaching and consulting with them, hours later they are in the same position making excuse after excuse why they never got started. Their intentions may even be good, but their efforts and desires are to remain just where they are and they will fight you tooth and nail to stay there. They might complain about their current situation, and may even give reasonable solutions to how their situation could be improved. However, they lack the drive and fortitude to make any corrections. If you press too hard they will shut completely down…and often disconnect. If they say they will get to it or make repeated excuses, your best bet is to allow them to stay where they are comfortable. Sometimes, they just want you to just hang out with them doing nothing. Believe me, if you are an Audacious Type, being around a Drainer will drive you up a wall. So keep it brief and move on.

What does it take to keep going?  Begin…no matter where you are…start there. That’s the only way to get to where you are going, regardless to which personality you have been bless to become. Whatever you do…

“Think Higher!”

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