1) I don’t need one…I know how to run a business.

Mythbuster #1: Most new business owners feel just like you. That’s why there is universally a 90%+ failure rate of new businesses closing in 5 Years. Most new business owners have product knowledge and they confuse that for business knowledge. Most new businesses do not close because they are bad ideas, they close because they don’t understand the importance of focused marketing, sales strategies, or how to structure a viable 3-, 5-, or 10-year strategic planning.

2) I cannot afford a Business Coach.

Mythbuster #2: When you add up all the money you have spent “doing it your way” you have probably paid for a year’s service of business coaching and with business coaching you get a return on your investment. When you spend money needlessly, there are zero returns.

3) A business coach will try to make me run my business his/her way!

Mythbuster #3: Business Coaches make suggestions and offer information so the business owner can make informed choices. Business owners begin making “educated” decisions because they add business acumen to their product knowledge which leads to strategic positioning that adds to the likelihood of sustainability for the business.

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