Lessons In The Heat

The Lesson From The Heat
For the past few weeks, there has been an odor in my house. I was panicking thinking all kinds of craziness. It’s the plumbing, or the sewage, termites in the crawl space eating my house up, etc..
I am allergic to mold and so my house has really began giving me the vapors for the past few weeks. I was frantic.! What on Earth could this be??! Although it is not brand new, my house is less than 10 years old.
Turns out, there is nothing major wrong with my house. The problem is…ME!!!!
Let me explain…
I am hardly ever home so I keep my air conditioner at 75 degrees most of the time. We have had temperatures above 90 degrees most days for the past month.
1) My house is well insulated and is doing what was supposed to do
2) As a result, it is holding the moisture created by my washer and dryer
3) I keep my air conditioner set too high to circulate the air
4) Normal humidity is 50 or below; my downstairs was 78!!!
These conditions were setting up the perfect storm to create mold in my home.
The remediation guy simply turn the thermostat to 70 degree, the humidity started dropping immediately and in three hours wet smell evaporated!
I tell you my story because that is how we look at so many things in our lives.
We think something or someone else is the problem when the TRUE PROBLEM is we haven’t regulated our perspectives the way we should. I gladly paid for the mold inspection and had a good laugh at myself for what I learned today.
Moral of the story:  Not all problems are on the outside. Are you internally (mentally) working against yourself?