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Are You A Checklist Kinda Person?


If you are a checklist type of person, check out the link above for the short story, but if you are interested in the longer version, continue reading.

Ok, I admit it. Yes, that’s me. I enjoy making lists!

I love to see obligations marked off my “To-Do” list. I will make the list just to check things off as done.
I keep a mental “To-Do” list with items that don’t always make it to the physical list. However, I do want to keep track of when I finished it…hence the writing the list and checking it off. I am a results-oriented person who likes things to go from “To Do” to “Done.”

Although many things in my life are driven by a deadline, I’m one of those who gets satisfaction off finishing earlier than necessary so I can begin something else with a few days to play around, especially if I’m not too enthused about the project. I make room for my displeasure, so it doesn’t get in my way of meeting my deadline, I’m able to hop right in on time and am better prepared to handle the next thing.

Being a Business Analyst and certified Project Manager for over ten years means I’ve had to set my own internal timer to meet the job’s timers. What revs up your productivity? Some people are attracted to calendars, timers, and even the 11th hour.

I am totally a Type A who likes to finish earlier than required. Yes, this can make the people who have other drivers that self-motivate them cringe. I’ve been known to overhear a grunt or two when I supervised others who were different; however, my desire always is to get to the other side of DONE. That supersedes all the negative chatter. I’m making progress and I like that. Did I tell you I like making lists?

There are lists for things I want to do in life.

There are lists for places I want to see.

Lists for things to do around the house.

Lists for things my customers need to get done.

My list of lists is endless. It’s how I stay functional and how I keep things in order.

To some, you may be enjoy doing things different…but, I encourage you to get things out of your head and into your
life…on a list. Most of us have mental lists of things that are important to us. However, with all the noise in life and all the internal noises…how in the world are you able to keep things properly organized and moving forward?

Many times, our minds stay cluttered with mental lists that make it so hard to remember it all, and that is one reason why we procrastinate or never get things done.

Dancing through life without using a guide will ensure you miss something. I would rather make a thousand lists to ensure I have all my i’s dotted and my t’s crossed.

Yes, I am a list person and I enjoy writing them up and then checking them off. I feel accomplished when I’ve listed what needs to be done and complete it.